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Sept 4th


You have questions? We've got (a few) answers! This page is a work in progress and will be continually updated as your questions come in. Can't find an answer here? Contact us, and we will do our best to answer your question in a timely manner.

Why does my name come up as “anon”?

As a measure of privacy, we want to give you control over how your name is displayed for events and content you create and share on the platform. If you have not added your real name to your account settings, and have not given yourself a username, everything you create on the platform will be attributed to “anon”. You can change this in your preferences by opting to use your real name, or by providing a username (and keeping the “User real name” preference off).


Can I have multiple marches as part of the same event?

Yes! You can add any number of march agenda items to a single protest.

Can I break a march up into multiple start/stop locations?

If you are trying to stage a march that has a start, then multiple “pause” locations before getting to the stop location, the answer is No! That said, there is nothing stopping you from adding multiple marches (see above), so you can easily build this into your event. An example would be wanting to march from point A to point B, have a rally/protest at point B, then march back to point A.


Why doesn’t my post show both a web-link preview and images or a video?

This is by design. The pecking order for a post is such that images and or a video always take precedence over a web-link. If you want to post about both, simply make two posts. Generally speaking, we think it’s best if a post is about one thing: a collection of photos, a video, or a web-link.

Why can’t I add multiple videos in the same post?

This is by design. We feel that videos are more appropriate as a standalone piece of content. If you want to post multiple videos you will have to create a separate post for each video.