To connect people around causes that change the world.

Now (but no worries if you wait until we launch).

Show up, change the world!

Find & Discover

Protest Nation is a social network focused on events like rallies, marches and protests, and the people who participate in them. Our goal is to make it easier for people to find and engage in these events, because that is what a healthy society requires.

Hyperfocused content

Once we get to know you a bit, Protest Nation will deliver the most relevant content we can find. This lets you focus more on taking part in events rather than searching for them.

Events are what matter

The protests, rallies and marches take centre stage on Protest Nation. Participants provide the content, the inspiration, the motivation for the events, and are updated of any changes.

Let's make some noise, together!

Reach more people

Our hyperfocus on content delivery will increases the reach of your event to people who are equally as passionate about your cause. Grow the participation to your events and amplify your cause's voice.

Plan smarter

We want to simplify the planing process as much as possible. This means keeping your participants informed of updates and leveraging tools to provide you with valuable feedback and insights.

Keep everyone informed

Users engage with your event through content they provide before, during and after. This adds more pathways for other people to find your events, and helps grow your audience.