(likely to change by the minute)

Part I

Santa Cruz, CA Aug 23

Woody Creek, CO Aug 26

Denver, CO Aug 27, 28

Burning Man Aug 29-31

Minneapolis & St. Paul, MI Sep 1-3

Pine Ridge, SD Sep 6

Sandpoint, ID Sep 10,11

Bellingham, WA Sep 13,14

Seattle WA Sep  15

Portland, OR Sep 15

San Francisco, CA Sep 18

Berkeley, CA Sep 19

San Anselmo, CA Sep 19

Part II

Kensington, CA Oct 2

Berkeley, CA Oct 2, 3

Mill Valley, CA Oct 3

New Orleans, LA Oct 9-11

Nashville, TN Oct 12-15

Wilmington, NC Oct 16

Burke, VA Oct 18

Washington, DC Oct 18, 19

Chevy Chase, MD Oct 19

Middletown, CT Oct 20

Boston, MA Oct 21

Andover, MA Oct 22

Lexington, MA Oct 22

Cambridge, MA Oct 22

Belmont, MA Oct 22

Woodstock, NY Oct 24

Denver, CO Oct 27, 28

Boulder, CO Oct 28

Highland Park, CO Oct 29

Berkeley, CA Nov 3

San Francisco, CA Nov 4

The 2008 ProtestNation Documentary Tour

What’s going on?

You tell us. We’re on our way. In a big RV. With cameras and microphones and stuff to make our documentary chronicling the current state of the protest in America. Got something to say?

You can help. Please.

  1. Recommend a local musician or band to be included in the film.

  2. Recommend a local venue for a ProtestNationJam.

  3. Volunteer to join our film crew when we’re in town.

  4. Feed us. Big appetites. Small budget. Long road. New friends. Yum.

From the redwood forest ...

Part 1 of the Tour starts in Santa Cruz, California on August 23, heads to the Democratic National Convention in Denver at the end of August, and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis in the beginning of September then loops through the northwest of the country returning to the San Francisco Bay Area in mid-September.

Part 2 of the Tour heads south to Hollywood, then east through AZ, NV, NM, TX, along the Gulf, through the Southeast, up the East Coast, and then east to Chicago, returning to San Francisco in time for the November 4 presidential election.

ProtestNation Tour