About Protest Nation

We are a discovery film crew in search of voices of protest in America.

We are your advance team for a new America following the trail of the protest song to unearth the emotion and rationale of what lies at the heart of America.

We are on a listening mission--to discern what is happening under the surface of the eighty percent of America that now says we are headed in the wrong direction.

We are your ears and eyes, documenting the voices and faces of those who are speaking and envisioning an alternate, better America.

Between August 20th and November 5th we will meet with singers/songwriters and activists throughout the nation.

We will document 60s veterans, Generation X, Generation Y, and Millenials who offer a different vision of the world than the one we are fed by corporate-owned media.

We are eager to document and report to you what kind of America is being birthed in the ashes of this disaster-capital dinosaur that is stumbling determinedly toward Bethlehem.

The ProtestNation film crew will capture the sounds and sights at ProtestJams in cities throughout the nation. We start in late August to film at Democratic Convention in Denver and at the Republican Convention in Minneapolis. Until election day November 4th, we are driving throughout the USA in search of a vision of our future, embedded in artistic critiques of our present and our past.

The word protest derives from the Latin protestare - “to witness or tell the truth.” What truths are we not hearing? What truths are we not seeing? What better place than through the eyes and ears and hearts of younger and older artists in America are we to hear and see new possibilities for us to choose to live?

Join us on our mission to listen to America and report back the discoveries of our election-time odyssey!