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A documentary tour

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Santa Cruz, CA

Woody Creek, CO     

Denver, CO     

Burning Man

Minneapolis & St. Paul, MI     

Pine Ridge, SD     

Sand Point, ID

Bellingham, WA    

Seattle WA     

Portland, OR   

San Francisco, CA

Berkeley, CA

San Anselmo, CA

Kensington, CA 

Berkeley, CA

Mill Valley, CA

New Orleans, LA

Nashville, TN

Wilmington, NC

Burke, VA

Washington, DC

Chevy Chase, MD

Middletown, CT

Boston, MA

New Haven, CT

Lexington, MA

Cambridge, MA

Belmont, MA

Woodstock, NY

Denver, CO

Boulder, CO

Highland Park, CO

Berkeley, CA

San Francisco, CA

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The tour.

Over 30 cities in less than 10 weeks. A dozen local ProtestJams. Hundreds of interviews with musicians, artists, activists and citizens speaking out against the abuse of power over the 40 years since the rise of citizen protest  during the Vietnam War.

We start at the Democratic and Republican national conventions to hear their testimony to the state of the American Dream and their projections for our future. Then we tour the country to bear witness to the true state of the nation, so often obscured by special interests that manipulate the press, our perceptions, and the political process

A critical role of the artist in a society is to reveal truth and possibility. The horrors of the Vietnam war era birthed a bubbling cauldron of artistic activism that tore through hypocrisy, illusion and complacency. But where are the protest songs coming from today?

Is anybody listening?

The music.

We’ve collected a few thousand of our favorite songs from artists with the courage to expose injustice, to condemn repression, to speak truth to power, and to express our collective will through music. Please add your favorites as well.

What music moves you?

Come along!

The film.

A nation born in protest of tyranny.

A constitution carefully designed to protect the citizenry’s right to protest.

A populist revolution to secure free speech, civil rights and all the blessings of liberty.

A rich tapestry of music, community, art, activism and hope.

So what happened?

  1. “Get up. Stand up. Stand up for your rights!”

  1. “Don’t you know that it’s time

  2. to get on board and let this train

  3. keep on riding, riding on through!”

  1. “Stop. Hey, what’s that sound?

  2. Everybody look what’s going down!”

in search of


traveling the nation